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The session

After having a free 15 minute consultation in person or over the phone an initial consultation can be booked to commence therapy, if both the therapist and client are in agreement. The initial consultation is an opportunity to explore the relevant issues further and to discuss an effective and individualized programme of treatment.  The therapist will go through an initial consultation form with the client to gather any relevant information and to explore the needs and issues of the client and how hypnotherapy and/or psychotherapy can be used in the treatment.  For weight loss and quit smoking treatment plans the client will also have the opportunity to work through a treatment pack with the therapist during the first session.  If hypnosis is used during the session, the therapist will ask you to sit or lie down in a comfortable position, your attention will be shifted away from external events or mental stresses and you will be asked to focus on your therapist’s voice, your own breathing and your increasingly relaxed state. Once you are completely relaxed, various therapeutic techniques will be utilised to address the issue.  When the work is completed you will gradually be brought out of the trance state and back into the present.    

Although hypnosis will take you into an altered state of consciousness for a short while it will not cause you to abandon your will or self-control.  The therapist is there to help facilitate your own entry into a natural trance state for the sake of the ultimate empowerment and therapeutic benefit that can be derived by you from this technique.  Sessions are 100% confidential and you will be treated by a qualified and understanding therapist in a relaxed and comfortable environment. 

You may be given self-hypnosis exercises to use at home once you have been shown how to take yourself into hypnosis or alternatively you may be given the option of using a recording to listen to at home.  This can be discussed in more detail during treatment.

As different issues may require different approaches below is a summary of some of the well-researched and effective tools used in this practice. 

Positive suggestion

We are capable of changing the messages that our subconscious mind stores as long as the new messages are beneficial to us.  The subconscious is more readily able to accept suggestions without the logical and rational conscious mind interfering and once it does so the client can begin to reprogram their subconscious mind for their benefit.  The therapist will therefore offer positive and beneficial suggestions to a client who is in a deep state of relaxation.  Once the client chooses to accept these positive suggestions they are on their way to achieving their goals by making changes more easily.  This is a simple yet effective type of hypnotherapy that seeks to relieve the symptoms of different issues.  Positive suggestion can help you to change your habits, to increase your confidence, to raise your self-esteem and to deepen your level of calmness.


By being guided gently and safely to forgotten or partly remembered experiences hypnoanalysis allows a client to find and release the emotions and feelings from their past which is causing their problems in later life.  This involving and insightful journey can help you gain an understanding of the continuing effect that these experiences may have been having on your current thoughts and feelings.  It can be a very rewarding experience and the benefits can be immense as it looks at the root causes of emotional and psychological problems.  It is used to treat emotional problems such as phobias, anxieties and other psychological difficulties.  Once the root cause of a problem has been revealed, the symptoms can disappear, and the change is a lasting one.

I have received training from Gil Boyne, a pioneer in the field of hypnotherapy who, during his almost 50 years of Hypnotherapy practice and teaching, created Transforming Therapy™, which serves to facilitate 'the clients discovery of their spiritual nature, and teaches them how to direct their creative intelligence to solve their own problems and conflicts'.

Guided visualization and NLP

A positive mental attitude can be enhanced and achieved through guided visualization, giving you the self-belief and the edge to attain excellence in your career, in sports, in public speaking, in driving tests or in any activity where your confidence will benefit from a boost and you might discover that quite often, opportunities present themselves naturally for those of us who believe that they will.

NLP uses a range of techniques to help deal with unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour (some totally unconscious) and to help introduce new and constructive ways to improve your life.

Fear and phobia cure

By working through the origins of your anxiety and fear in a relaxed and controlled way many simple phobias can be effectively de-sensitised.  Hypnotherapy uses the power of your own imagination and will help you to create new feelings of calm and peace in association with your phobia so that you do not even have to encounter the actual object of your fear during the sessions for the therapy to be effective.  This will help you to break the links between the phobic object or situation and your fear, replacing this fear with more comfortable and natural feelings.  Simple phobias can usually be reduced or eliminated in just two or three sessions.


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and it is a simple, gentle, non-intrusive therapy based on the most recent discoveries in the field of Energy Psychology.  EFT has proved very effective in relieving many people from pain, diseases and emotional issues, and often works where nothing else does.  It could be likened to a form of ‘acupuncture of the mind’ as it involves stimulating well established energy meridian points on the face, torso and hand.  By tapping on these points with your fingertips, whilst saying a reminder phrase to assist in fully associating with the issue at hand, EFT works by cleansing and realigning the flow of energy through the meridian energy system so that any symptoms caused by the blockage may dissolve and disappear. 

Hypno-Band Weight Loss System

A Virtual Gastric Band - all the potential benefits of a surgical Gastric Band without the surgery and cost!  The Hypno-Band hypnotherapy system creates a state of mind where your subconscious mind believes you actually have a Gastric Band fitted.  By using suggestion and visualisation your mind will be convinced that your stomach has become smaller and that you need less food.  This may then result in a client eating smaller portions and feeling fuller.  The Hypno-Band system can be an effective long term solution to weight problems. This approach to weight loss may not be suitable for all clients and alternative methods of working can be discussed.

easibirthing Specialist

As a UK trained specialist easibirthing® practitioner I support individuals, couples and families through fertility challenges, pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal mental health and early parenting relationships.

For more information please also see: http://www.easibirthing.co.uk/ 

Resource Therapy

Resource Therapy, developed by Professor Gordon Emmerson, is a 'brief solution oriented parts therapy, based on the idea our personality is made up of multifaceted parts. These parts are called our Resources and we each have many Resources available to us.' (www.resourcetherapy.com.au) 
Resource therapy works directly with the part of the personality that is experiencing unwanted emotional reactions or behaviours. As it goes straight to the source of distress it can be very effective in resolving issues.