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The benefits

Hypnotherapy is a gentle and non-invasive therapeutic method that enables a client to enlist the help of their subconscious mind to bring about rapid and effective therapeutic changes.  The benefits of the state of hypnosis itself are increased levels of relaxation and decreased levels of anxiety and stress.  For many people this relaxation is completely refreshing, and for some, the first experience of such calmness for several years.  A therapist will guide the client into this state of comfortable relaxation and in doing so help them to tap into their inner resources, enabling them to achieve realistic goals and positive changes by discovering and utilising new responses, thoughts and feelings and dispelling negative ones.  Hypnotherapy can empower you and put you back in control of your life but it is important to understand that hypnotherapy is not a magic wand but a treatment that involves a client taking responsibility for their life and their choices and through their self-belief and motivation are able to achieve the success they require within the collaborative environment of the therapeutic relationship.

Psychotherapy and counselling can offer a client a non-judgemental and confidential space within which they can explore their thoughts and feelings with someone who has genuine empathy and the ability to listen.  This understanding and support can help someone to gain fresh perspectives, self-awareness, new and beneficial coping strategies and a greater insight.

"It's not too difficult to get the skeletons out of the closet with people, but to get the gold out is a different matter. That is therapy. Psychology is the Art of finding the gold of the spirit."
-Robert Johnson