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Yolandi has been able to easily bring my subconscious conditioning into conscious workable redesign! Her professional and kind approach is remarkable and I don't only leave uplifted from each session but also clearer on actionable ways to enhance my life. Thank you Yolandi.

AM, Adelaide (inter-personal relationships)

I'm over the moon! Six times I went down the escalator! A slight hesitation placing the first foot down but nothing to hold swirling masses of people. I shall practise some more! Oh sumptuous joy! Thank you thank you!!!

PM, Adelaide (phobia)

Amazing. For all of my life I have struggled with fear, anxiety and lack of self worth. Yolandi has assisted me in addressing my childhood beliefs, values and behaviours without harm. Through Hypno-morphosis I can nurture, forgive and heal my child like self with the strong, loving and authentic adult self. The freedom to be me is a lifeline not only for me but my family. 

HM, Adelaide (weight loss/trauma)

After just a few sessions Yolandi was able to “hit the nail on the head”. The issues that I was going through were a mixture of the present and the past. Her approach was professional but sincere, with a genuine concern for my health and well-being. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her and her approach.

GP, Adelaide (depression)

I had visited different counsellors from the age of 30 to little effect. When I was 38, and going through a divorce, a friend recommended Yolandi to me. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but Yolandi is totally unlike any other counsellor that I had visited. She listened to my concerns and designed a plan to help me progress. After 6 months I felt so much better that our sessions came to a natural end. She had achieved in 6 months what other therapists had never been able to resolve for me! I haven’t needed to see anyone since.
Yolandi is a solutions based therapist: her mission is to help, even if that means you don’t need her anymore.
I have recommended Yolandi to lots of friends who have all reported similar positive experiences.

ER, Oxford, UK (inter-personal relationships)

I started seeing Yolandi after I had several panic attacks...Yolandi is a warm and calming individual but she is also very smart and professional. She accompanied me brilliantly into spacing the sessions little by little instead of letting me getting comfortable and dependant on her. I had never done hypnosis before and I was a bit reluctant but she was able to reassure me and in the end it was all fine. Thank you very much for your help.

MR, Oxford, UK (anxiety)

Yolandi is kind and compassionate and at the same time very professional. She cares deeply about helping people with their problems. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Louise Perrins - The Pregnancy and Birth Specialists, UK

Yolandi helped me over 5 years ago with a debilitating phobia. I was nervous to even attend as I didn't know what the sessions would involve but after an initial meeting to put my mind at rest, we started working together. We had about 6 months of sessions where Yolandi always offered a safe and secure environment and I can't thank her enough. It's been quite life changing and I (and the family around me who were also effected) will be eternally grateful and amazed by the results. I highly recommend her.

JH, Oxford, UK (phobia)