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Hypnosis for fertility

hypnosis for fertility

At hypno-morphosis emotional support is available to couples, families and individuals dealing with the effects of fertility challenges. The decision to have a baby can be a very exciting time and many people assume it is something that they will experience no problems doing, but excitement can soon turn into anxiety and stress when they are unable to conceive. Struggling with fertility issues, either naturally or using assisted reproductive technology (ART), can take you on an emotional and physical rollercoaster which can leave you feeling mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually (and financially) exhausted and depleted.

The experience of infertility can feel like you’re holding your breath until conception occurs and so the role of the hypno-psychotherapist is to help you to let go of that breath and rediscover a sense of yourself outside of fertility issues. Initially it can feel like a huge relief to just be able to offload and talk openly and honestly about how you are feeling in a safe and supported space. 

Hypno-psychotherapy can help to restore mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance, giving you the best chance of conceiving, either naturally or with reproductive assistance, by providing an emotional and physical environment conducive to conception. Hypno-psychotherapy in the treatment of infertility is underpinned by a mind/body approach and as such an understanding of how profoundly the mind can affect the body and vice versa. The world-renowned expert on infertility, Dr Alice Domar, stated that ‘mind/body treatment has been shown to be effective in both significantly increasing pregnancy rates as well as reducing psychological stress.' 

Hypnosis can work very effectively with infertility whether a physiological cause has been identified or not and can be used safely alongside conventional medical interventions.

The goals for therapy are adapted to the individual but may include:

  • reducing stress and increasing feelings of relaxation and calm
  • resolving relationship issues (partner, family, friends)
  • increasing sexual intimacy and affection
  • preparing for IVF or other fertility treatments
  • assistance in making necessary lifestyle changes such as stop smoking, diet, exercise, alcohol intake and sleep
  • resolving any fears and phobias, i.e. needle phobia etc
  • identifying and resolving conscious or unconscious issues that may be preventing conception, such as unresolved trauma, previous miscarriage, abortion, abusive relationships, fears about pregnancy and birth or ability to cope as a parent, unresolved grief or issues from childhood etc
  • building coping skills and developing inner resources
  • restoring self-esteem and trust in your body

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