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Questions & Answers

Am I covered with Private Health Insurance?

Please check with your health fund provider, as cover is available through some funds, but is subject to change from year to year.

Rebates: Recognised Private Health Fund Provider for:

  • Australian Health Management (AHM) – for Stop Smoking only
  • CBHS Health Fund
  • GUA Health Fund – must have a doctor’s letter/referral for stress management/weight loss or stop smoking
  • Grand United Health
  • HBF (WA) is owned by BUPA
  • Health Care Insurance Limited – only covers stop smoking and weight loss
  • Health.com.au
  • Health Partners
  • Medibank Private
  • Navy Health Fund
  • NRMA Health Insurances (East Coast & Tasmania)
  • Phoenix Health Fund
  • Queensland Country Health – only covers stop smoking and weight loss
  • rtHealth Fund
  • Reserve Bank Health Society
  • Teachers Federation Health
  • SGIC Health Insurance (SA and NT)
  • SGIO Health Insurance (WA)

Is hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is an entirely safe and natural state that is experienced by all of us on a daily basis.  You will remain aware and in control throughout the session and the therapist is there to support you and ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed.  It not possible to become ‘stuck’ in trance and the worst thing that can happen is that you may become so comfortable and relaxed that you fall asleep!  It is also entirely up to you whether you decide to accept a suggestion given by your therapist but any suggestions given will be in line with your requirements and needs and for your therapeutic benefit.

What does it feel like?

Hypnosis is commonly felt as a very relaxing and pleasant experience although every individual will have their own unique experience of it.  Some people remain completely aware during hypnosis whilst others might reach a deeper state of relaxation.  It could be equated to the feeling of calm that we experience just before falling asleep at night or just before waking in the morning and when you come out of trance you might feel aware of what happened but you might not remember exact details of the experience.  As you become comfortable with the experience and with your therapist it is possible to deepen your levels of relaxation.

Will I lose control?

Hypnotherapy is a partnership of trust between client and therapist and not something that the therapist does to the client.  The therapist will assist the client to enter a trance state and then guide the client to focus on their internal world and access the huge store of resources held in their subconscious mind. The client remains fully in control at all times and will be able to come out of trance at any time if they choose to.  You will not be made to do or say anything against your will.

Is it like stage hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is not at all like stage hypnosis as, although they both use similar states of relaxation, the latter is for entertainment purposes only whereas hypnotherapy is solely for therapeutic purposes.  It is a common myth that hypnosis uses mind control techniques.  The stage hypnotist’s aim is to provide entertainment and his trade is one of careful audience member selection, illusion and reliance on his subjects wanting to entertain the audience once they are on stage.

Can anybody be hypnotised?

As all people are susceptible to suggestion it makes sense that all people can therefore be hypnotised and the great majority can be taken, at least, into a light trance state.  It is important to note, however, that a person cannot be hypnotised if they have not agreed to be at some level and your chosen hypnotist might not suit all individuals.

If you have any other questions not answered on this website then please feel free to email me confidentially at [email protected]