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There is a wealth of clinical evidence to support the use of hypnotherapy for fertility, pregnancy and childbirth (http://www.easibirthing.co.uk/clinical-evidence)

  • dealing with fertility issues can be an all consuming and stressful period for many which in itself can be counter-productive. Hypnotherapy can assist with the enormous power the mind has over the body and can help you regain control over your life (and of course work toward helping you get pregnant)

One-to-one sessions

Advanced 'Preparing for Childbirth' sessions consist of 5 sessions but can be tailored to suit your needs and can be completed individually or with your birth partner

Alternatively you may wish to deal with specific pregnancy issues such as: 'morning sickness' or hyperemesis gravidarum, tokophobia (fear of pregnancy and childbirth), anxiety or low mood, needle or hospital phobia, turning a breech baby and many other issues.
  • work toward achieving positive mental health during what can be a vulnerable period of becoming a mother or father, perhaps for the first time. You are welcome to bring your baby to the session if you want to.